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The Time of Jacob's Trouble: Israel's Struggle for Survival and the Coming Glory - Lars Enarson

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Jerusalem is becoming the center of world attention. The conflict in the Middle East concerns us all. God has made all of humanity dependent upon the outcome.

The Jewish people refer to the time of Jacob’s trouble as the birth pains of Messiah. This book deals with the cataclysmic events at the end of this age, including the great tribulation, the war of Gog and Magog, and the battle of Armageddon. It will be a time of great turmoil, but it will bring about the salvation of the Jewish people and the world. “How awful that day will be! None will be like it. It will be a time of trouble for Jacob, but he will be saved out of it.” (Jer 30:7)

The book not only describes the seriousness of the time ahead. It also conveys a powerful message of hope. Israel’s Messiah will return to rule the nations from Jerusalem in God’s eternal kingdom. We need prophetic eyes and ears to understand the significance of what is taking place today in the Middle East!


Lars Enarson, a native of Sweden, is the founder and president of The Watchman International, a ministry dedicated to “preparing the way for Messiah, from the ends of the earth to Jerusalem.” A major part of its ministry is The Elijah Prayer Army, a worldwide network of prayer for Israel and the Middle East. 

Lars has been in full time ministry since the early 1970s. He is the author of several books and a Bible teacher who travels extensively throughout the world. His passion is to see a restoration in our day of the original, apostolic gospel from Jerusalem. 

Lars resides with his wife in Israel, where he produces the TV-program On the Walls of Jerusalem and a Video Prayer Alert, with prophetic insights, reports, and specific prayer points about the present situation in the Middle East. For more information, visit his web site