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Our True Identity (CD)

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By Daniel Gruber

Identity is a fundamental issue that shapes both our calling as well as our destiny. In this series Gruber deals with the identity of the Messiah, differences between Jews and Gentiles in his body, as well as our identity based on our eternal destiny. Finally, there is also a session with answers to common questions. We highly recommend this very important teaching.

Daniel Gruber is one of the most seasoned Jewish, Messianic authors and Bible teachers in the world, known primarily for his books The Church and the Jews – The Biblical Relationship, Rabbi Akiba’s Messiah – the Origins of Rabbinic Authority, and his latest Copernicus and the Jews. No one that we know has more thoroughly explored the issue of the true identity of believers in the Messiah of Israel. – The Watchman International

6 audio CDs (5 sessions plus Questions and Answers)