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Worldwide Passover Celebration from Jerusalem

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Nothing unites the Church and Israel more clearly than the Jewish Passover Seder Meal that Jesus used to introduce the New Covenant in His Blood.

This powerful video presentation straight from the Old City in Jerusalem will open the eyes of everyone to the roots of our faith and will generate powerful intercession for the salvation of Israel

Every church ought to view this video to get a deeper understanding of our connection to the Jewish people. It is revolutionary!

This is a comment from a viewer of the TV program on this DVD, "There are no words to describe the feeling of awe and wonder and amazement. It was profound." Another viewer wrote, "We watched ...the Passover meal. We worshiped, we cried and we prayed with you all."

We encourage you to be prepared and participate in at least the Communion part in the end. It will be an unforgettable evening for everyone in your congregation, prayer group or family.